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Silk Screen Printing for Businesses in New York: Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx.

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Silk Screen Printing services in New York City including Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Westchester. Screen printing is the most common method of custom t-shirt printing. For screen-printing, one screen is made for each color in your design. Your design is then printed one color at a time. The finished design will have long lasting durability and vibrant color.

Ready to Order Your Custom T-Shirt Screen Printing NYC? Our screen print pricing is based on the number of colors in your graphic and the number of placements to be printed. Call Now for personalized one-on-one service.

Where can you print my logo onto the shirt? Logos may be printed on the front, back, left or right sleeves or a combination of any or all of these locations.

Can I combine shirt styles, colors and sizes? Yes, if the print size and color do not vary, then shirt styles, color and sizes may be combined.

How is Silk Screen Printing done? Silk Screen Printing is a form of printing using mesh screens coated in emulsion. An image is exposed onto the screen, then washed out leaving the mesh clear where the image had been. The advantages of this particular method would be the versatility in making of the product and ability of mass production.

Ready to order your custom shirts in NYC? We offer the following services in our fully automated Silk Screen Facilities in New York:

  • Discharge ink
  • Expanding ink (puff)
  • Flocking
  • Four color process
  • Glitter/Shimmer ink
  • Gloss inkMetallic ink
  • Foil
  • Nylobond ink
  • Plastisol ink
  • Suede InkWater-Based ink

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